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March 23, 2022

We're always excited when we get feedback from customers telling us how Tripak products have helped them. Our sales representative in Oklahoma, Cecil, has collected some testimonials to share that show how our customers use Tripak products and what issues they've been able to solve.

One manufacture that has the Metal Treatment on hand had a machine that the gearbox was going out on. They added a quart of the Anti Friction Metal Treatment to the gearbox and it dropped the amp pull from 29 amps down to 6 amps and has been running smoothly for at least 5 weeks now.

I received some feedback from a customer who bought the 5-N-1 Diesel Fuel Treatment from us. He stated that his pickup was blowing white smoke at the initial start up each morning and would continue to blow the white smoke for a while driving down the road. After it warmed up it would stop. He had stood where he could smell the smoke and it smelled like diesel. He thought that he had a bad injector that was letting diesel pass though. After using a full 32 ounce bottle of the 5-N-1 and into about 1/3 of the next bottle, he is happy to state that the pickup is no longer blowing the white smoke making him think that the fuel conditioner took care of the stuck injector saving him the cost of replacing it. He is happy spread the word to all his customers, friends, and neighbours.

"Thank you Tripak for the amazing product. Your product has saved our company thousands by having less downtime and extending the life in all of our equipment at Bison Metal Technologies. Just recently we had a gearbox that was pulling up to 60 amps at times we added one bottle of the Metal Treatment to it and the amps dropped 35-40 amps within minutes."

- Bison Metal Technologies

"I wanted to pass along this testimonial on the LDL 2 spray lube. Here at the shop at Tri-Co RWD #2, I had a twin hot dog gas powered air compressor that the motor was locked up on. I went to my personal shop to get my LDL 2 spray. Came back to the shop and sprayed the lube into the cylinder and let it sit overnight. This afternoon I tried to pull the rope on the compressor and the engine broke loose. The compressor is now running flawlessly. I am very impressed with this product. I recommend it for many applications."

- Monte Pringle, Tri-Co RWD #2

“Added TriPak Anti-Friction Metal Treatment to my 1967 Ford pickup. The idle came up so much I had to idle it down. Put the Metal Treatment in the power steering and now it turns so easy I have GM steering.”

- Jerald

“I drive a 2019 Ford pick-up with a 5.0 motor. The motor has a bunch of engine noise at an idle. My wife had even asked if there was something wrong with the motor. I added 16 ounces of TriPak Anti-Friction Metal Treatment to 8 quarts of oil. Within 15 minutes of letting it idle the engine quieted down tremendously. My wife made comment a day later as to how quiet it was.”

- Don

“A bolt vibrated out of the power steering pulley during a race freezing it up and kicking the serpentine belt off causing the motor to overheat to 280 degrees. Still running this motor with no smoking or problems.”

Carl also talks about the LDL1 and using the spray on the belly pan bolts of a track hoe. By spraying them down, even though they are constantly in dirt and mud, he can easily loosen and tighten them.

- Carl, Stock Car Owner and Driver

"Rebuilt a transmission before going to the races. Got out to the track and realized I hadn’t added transmission fluid to it. All I had was a half can of LDL 1 spray. Put that in and ran all night like that. When I got back to the shop added 1.5 quarts of transmission fluid to the 2 quart transmission."

- Christopher, Stock Car Owner and Driver

"Thank you for following up. I am so glad I waited instead of just going with another product. A friend recommended Tripak and I was skeptical at first but the recommendation was warranted. My car drives a lot smoother, I can feel the changes go thru easier. It definitely feels like an upgrade. I drive several hours a day everyday and it honestly feels like I'm driving a completely different car."

Thank you so much to all of our customers who passed along feedback! We now have reviews on our website, so if you'd like to leave a review, head over to the relevant product page and write a review! If you've purchased a product online recently, you should receive an email with a link to leave a review.