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Nic's Back Country Pak

Snowmobiler Nic Mader has teamed up with us to create the ultimate BACKCOUNTRY Pak! Included in this kit are essential products for keeping your snowmobile in optimal condition this season.

"Treating my engine with this additive makes me feel confident that my engine has an extra layer of protection when I’m riding in the backcountry." - Niclas Mader

1 Kit Includes:

4 bottles of 5 oz/150 ml 3 in 1 Gas Conditioner
1 bottle of 16 oz/500 ml AFMT Engine Treatment


AFMT Engine Treatment: Add to any type of 2-cycle oil when filling. One bottle treats up to 6 L/6 qt.

3 in 1 Gas Conditioner: Add 150 ml/5 oz bottle per tank of fuel. Use every fill-up for best results. Effective in leaded and non-leaded fuel. Will not over-treat.

Niclas Mader:

Instagram: @nmader800

YouTube: Niclas Mader

How the Engine Treatment works: